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Everyone should breathe fresh, clean indoor air. If you see dust inside your home; or clinging to the vent covers, call Guaranteed Air Duct Cleaning to do what we do best: cleaning dirty air ducts in homes and businesses.

As an added bonus, clean ducts make it easier to get cooled air inside, easing the strain on your air conditioner and lowering electric bills that can soar during hot and humid summers.

Clean Air Ducts Brings In Cleaner Indoor Air

We spend a lot of time indoors; according to the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA), most people spend 90% of their time indoors. The more time people spend indoors, the more sensitive they become to indoor air pollutants like dust, dust mites, bacteria, and microorganisms that come into the home through air ducts.

Cleaning dirty air ducts brings relief to people who suffer from indoor allergens. Our customers have reported this to us for years, and we’ve certainly noticed this ourselves after cleaning the ducts in our own office and homes.

During the summer, people stay inside for longer periods of time as it becomes more uncomfortable outside. But indoor air can be as dirty, or dirtier, than outside air. The National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA), an air duct inspection, maintenance, and restoration association, says a six-room home can create as much as 40 pounds of dust per year that gets circulated through air ducts. “If your ducts look dirty,” says NADCA, “they probably are,” and should be inspected and cleaned by reputable professionals.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that homeowners should consider cleaning air ducts that are infested with vermin or have excessive dust. We urge everyone to clean their air ducts if any of these symptoms are present. Dirty air can aggravate other problems like allergies, chronic bronchitis, and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder), a lung disease that may affect as many as 24 million people in Canada and the USA according to the American Lung Association.

Add in other contaminants like dander from pets, and pollen, dust, and pollution that flow in and out whenever you open a door or window, and the problems can compound.

WeUse Specialized Air Duct Cleaning Methods & Equipment

Guaranteed Air Duct Cleaning uses only the best air duct cleaning equipment in the industry.

Our professionally trained staff know that to maximize the quality of indoor air, the air conditioner itself should also be clean. A dirty unit will send bacteria and other organic material into the air ducts. So we will do a visual inspection of the unit, take pictures to show the home or business owner the condition of the unit itself, and recommend if a unit cleaning is warranted.

We clean all supply air ducts and return ducts, using stiff bristle brushes that spin against the debris stuck inside. Our technicians bring a supply of brushes in different sizes so that each return and supply register is properly cleaned with an appropriate size brush.

Once inside the smaller supply ducts, these brushes spin and push debris where it’s suctioned out through hoses attached to powerful vacuums. We use both the vacuum and brushes to clean the return ducts, which are bigger and dirtier than the supply ducts.

Efficient Cooling In Your Home Can  Lower Your Electric Bills

According to Energy Star, a government website that promotes cost savings through energy-efficient appliances and home systems, about half of the energy used in most homes is for heating and cooling. There are many steps you can take to help your unit work more efficiently:

• Get your air ducts inspected and cleaned if dust and debris is blocking the airflow.
• Inspect and seal leaky air ducts.
• Get the unit maintained at least once a year, including cleaning its components.
• Change or clean air filters each month.
• Use a programmable thermostat if the house is empty for long periods of time.