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24 Hour Emergency Heating and Furnace Repairs

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Furnace Emergency – 9 reasons you may need to call an emergency furnace repair technician 

1. Check Your Thermostat to make sure it’s ON

It may sound silly, but check the thermostat to ensure it is set on “heat” and that it is set at least five degrees above room temperature. 

You might be surprised how many service calls are made without checking this!

2. Furnace is Not Producing Heat – Try to Reset Home Circuit Breaker

There are any number of minor reasons why this could occur. First, confirm that the thermostat is set to “Heat.” Then, try moving the dial up or down a few degrees to check if a noticeable difference is felt.

If there is no result, check to see if perhaps a circuit breaker or fuse was tripped or blown.

3. Furnace is Not Producing Enough Heat – Check and Change Your Clogged Filter

A furnace that struggles to produce heat is a different matter from one that has somehow stopped working.

In the case of a poor-performing furnace that doesn’t heat the home sufficiently, first ensure that the air filter is clean and in good condition, if not new.

4. Check The Safety Switch on Furnace Door 

If your furnace is not operating, one of the first things you should do is check the safety switch on the furnace door. 

A furnace door safety switch prevents the fan and burner from coming on while the access panel is removed.

Furnaces have a safety switch that pops out when the door is removed. The door must be in place for the switch to be activated and for the furnace to operate.

5. Look at the Burner Flames in the Furnace Do You See Them?

The most common failures associated with your burners can come from contamination. You will want to inspect your burners to make sure they are free from debris.

You want to make sure your burners are clean and one way to do this is to look at the flames. 

Are they blue and even?

Then your burner is likely clean. If they are yellow, you probably have dirty burners. You can clean your burners with a vacuum cleaner; just make sure to turn the power and the gas off first.

Another area you should clean with a vacuum cleaner is the region around the blower.

Dust can accumulate during the summer. 

Therefore, it’s very important to check and clean the furnace burners before the start of the colder seasons.

A combination of condensation and soot can cause burners to function improperly, and may cause other furnace problems as well. 

The burner assembly should be cleaned annually or replaced if the existing one is in poor condition. 

6. Check Your Electric Ignition or Pilot Control

Gas furnace operation can function with a pilot light or have electronic control, which eliminates the need for a constant flame.

A faulty ignition system such as those found on furnaces with a thermocouple, can significantly reduce the ability of the furnace to properly heat the home. 

Drafts or clogs in your heating system can result in your pilot light going out.

Many newer systems ignite electrically, rather than by a standing pilot light. 

7. Flame Sensor Needs Cleaning

The flame sensor is a crucial safety feature on your gas heating equipment. It safeguards your furnace against the unsafe burning of fuel, and a dirty flame sensor may cause your furnace to function improperly.

Typically, the flame sensor comes in the form of a rod that can be found near the back of the furnace, right in the path of the burner.

8. Inspect Gas Line Check the entire gas line from the main inlet to the furnace burners 

While standing at the furnace, follow the gas line. It may be closed, or the switch may have been turned off. 

Check to see if your hot water tank is working. If not, it may be a gas supply issue to the house. The gas line should be set on “Open”.

Also, if the furnace has a pilot light, check to see if it is lit. Sometimes, a pilot light can be extinguished in the off-season.

Re-lighting the pilot is a simple process. Instructions are usually posted on the side of the furnace.

If the pilot light does not stay on after a few attempts, you may need a repair from a professional. 

9. Smelling Gas – Proceed With Caution CALL A PRO NOW

If you suspect a gas leak, and the odor is strong, you should immediately leave your home and contact your gas utility company.

A gas leak will affect the efficient operation of your gas furnace. But more importantly, it can be a very serious health hazard to you and your family. 

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